Into the oblivion 

When you watch a movie for nth time there could be two reasons either you love the story too much or it touches a chord of some memory. Watching ‘fault of our stars’ definitely falls in such category .Those simple lines carried much stronger meaning than one could realise. I know the truth about inevitability and I don’t fear oblivion as such or as I would like to believe about myself but irony is that this fear is quintessential to feel alive. But, if we have to conquer it,what we do we do about it ? We can’t just displace it in some corner of mind. It would definitely haunt us back from time to time. What I think could be a foolproof plan to cure this dellima -is acceptance in order to achieve higher goals than live in fear of oblivion…but what do I know? Anyway, it consequently also made me think I should write a piece about it…a novel, a fiction with the same title, who knows…? Killing and conquering with one stone. I have been laying low for quite some time on all social media platforms, more like a silent observer- liking post from friends and family or maybe commenting sometimes but this movie made me break my self implied silence so I think it would be a good thought. Hmmm, coming out of silence and going into another to write. Not bad at all. Lol 😆 Nonetheless,for now I only want -Life to keep inspiring me, motivating me and exciting me in every possible way because these simple pleasure are much greater then big surprises.

I found one particular line in the movie very motivating, it said -‘you don’t need a hundred admirers, you just just one’. I am lucky to have such admirers, they may not be hundreds but they are the ‘one’. I would be a fool not to thank them enough for making my life beautiful. But, I feel there is also a need to be grateful to ‘Life’ as well. So, I would like to say-Life, there is nothing more stronger, wiser and precious to live with so here’s to you. A few lines 

I stared and stared into the darkness,

Horrified as I should be to take that plunge.

Like little children, I knew something was under my bed.

It was my truly my fear.

Is it waiting to tap me or trap me.

Or is it hamartia?

Sometimes it is best to leave it unsaid and unknown.

I gathered some courage and entered into that dark silence,

i thought I was alone.

But it was much noisy than before 

These noises were stronger and hard to ignore.

It does not matter what these noises were saying,

All I know, they all carried the feeling of not being in oblivion anymore.


Out in the sun i can feel the whiff, oh so wild yet un-scandalous and pure. I believe it is the same relentless breeze, standing upfront to strike those familiar notes .Though it is surreal but still hath all the rhymes and caress of ambrosial and untarnished delight.Yet, i know its is only a feeling ,a fondle of those un-corded notes, un -fathom. virgin. resilient yet so fragile…


So… There is finally something which can be called a story. I did not went with much expectation but #KapoorandSons impressed me. A typical family drama with not twist but essence. Yeah…this movie did not just touched heart or pulled the strings of emotions here and there but touched soul. There are rarely movies these days which can leave you thinking even when it has close and happy ending but this movie does.It left me with a thought or may be little more then a thought, about love, life, essence, relations and most importantly TIME .

But one question which remains unpaved and is still frequenting the wall of my heart is – Do we get in terms with our losses? I guess both yes and no…The umbilical cord of relations is never detached even though we go our separate ways, live, laugh and grow. It’s complicated and it sucks….the whole packing though is simple on periphery but is too complex at the core. 

So the verdict- there are many moments in the movie with which audience will co-relate themselves with as I found mine but it’s worth a watch and worth a thought. Enjoy!!!

Waist Clincher’s Guide

Time and again we look in for ideas to inspire us, to bring in change in our uniform lifestyle in short to break the uniformity. Food is one such medium which continually demands fresh, innovative and more appetizing ingredient for constantly changing global palate. My recent trip to the jewel of western part of India i.e. Gujarat gave a new perspective to gourmet writing, Ahmadabad is not just prosperous in terms of its traditional climate but also rich in its culinary splendor. To understand a place in better light is either though people or through their food and the rest is in between and I certainly followed the rule book of following the food trail of the place.

Ahmadabad is diversely rich in taste, which seems to be threaded into the fabric with traditional flavor oozing from every corner whether it’s street or fine dine. I started my culinary journey right from the door of the university. The periphery of busy University Road, Navrangpura, is taken by vendors with all kinds of food stalls mushrooming around the campus vicinity, though it was not a great visual delight but inside those grubby stalls is a heaven for food lovers. I treated myself with local snacking delicacy called ‘kheechu’, a simple dish made out of rice flour, on first glance it looks more or less like mashed potatoes but as it is said that appearances could be deceptive and so it was true in this case too. Nevertheless what appearance may say my verdict a ‘must try’. It is a digestible, healthy afternoon snack and is readily sold on the streets of Gujarat (as I was told by a friend). It is served piping hot when it is soft and aromatic with a good hand of red chili, green chili, roasted cumin seed powder and a dash of oil (a word of caution, it’s not olive for health conscious or butter for taste lovers so in short it’s not guilt free) but the quantity of these condiments can be moderated according to taste. This dish can be best enjoyed with a tall glass of butter milk.



The second on my list was the delectable poha (made from flattened rice (A light and healthy breakfast option). The preparation was nice and succulent. The masalas were just right with a hint of sweet and tangy flavor. They serve it with generous amount of cheese, roasted peanuts, boondi and grated beetroot, which not only adds color but makes it a healthier and attractive alternative.

poha 3pohapoha2

The third on my list was ‘cheese thepla’, a fusion of east and west. The owner (uncle) runs his eatery from his van, he carries an array of condiments and chutney and variety of local cuisine all prepared by him at his home. For this dish he took precooked thepla as a base, added a good amount of butter, green chutney, garlic chutney ,some masalas and grated cheese , he then adds another layer of thepla ( like a sandwich) and cuts triangular pieces with a pizza cutter and serves. This dish does not require any baking or heating and is served cold.


Next was sev puri /chat puri, another favorite street food, though originated in Mumbai but is savored in other parts of India as well. As the name suggests sev is topped on puris or papdis along with potatoes and chutneys which leaves a tangy, crisp and tongue tickling taste on the taste buds. The taste and recipe varies from every bhewalas but will certainly leave you lurking for more.

sev puribuiscuit pizza

(Biscuit pizza- another street delicacy)

All these street fare can be best enjoyed with a piping cutting tea available at a vendor nearby, which are by the way, a great hangout joints for young and old alike. They enjoy food and politics at these ‘addas’ with same fare, reminiscing ‘chai culture’ practice in our county.

I moved on to my next objective i.e. to seek the grandeur facet of the city and give my experimental palate an authentic taste of Guajarati cuisine. On high recommendation I was taken to a place called ‘Agashye’, an ‘urban heritage’ amid ultra modern city skyline. The place has treasured and contained all the empirical fanfare and charm, right from the entrance to the dining area- it’s a visual treat and the guest can enjoy the subtlety and regality of the bygone era. They have neatly curated the interweaving of checkered floor tiles, fountain, light fixtures and atheistically placed artifacts which included a Gandhian charkha and study desks. Guests are welcomed with enchanting essence of Indian rose mildly present in the air which followed us till the upper deck or terrace.

enterance enterance 2

enterance 3enterance 4

The dining area was divided into two- 1) open air or terrace setting and 2) a closed sitting with large dining tables. We decided to enjoy our meal outside amid complete razzmatazz of breezy evening with light drizzle; my already entranced senses were further compelled to add high notes of romance by candle placed on the table (inside a kerosene lamp which was more rustic than romantic but nevertheless added to the ambiance) and rose kept above dinner napkins, copper thali’s were neatly placed with equal number of bowls on every table.


The royal treatment begins the moment you are seated with starters like scrumptious dhokla (served with green chutney) and lip smacking allo bonda (served with sweet and tangy red color chutney), a delectable salad, chaat (which is dahi bhala for north Indian) and a big platter of variety of sweet and tangy chutney and ghee and a glass of chass (spiced butter milk).

dhoklasaladdahi chaatcutneys

The main course comprise of astounding selection of victurals like- coconut stuffed flavorsome lady finger, green lentil (moong dal) sabzi, lightly spiced aloo ki sabzi, corn and coiled spinach ( gatte/besan ki sabzi),yellow lentil with hint of mango and jaggery, mildly flavored shrikand, pulao, khicdi, parathas and other assorted Indian breads. My personal favorite was ragi with graceful serving of butter milk.

thali with food
But, as it is said save the best for the last, so it was true at ‘Agashiye’, on one of staff insistence( as I was full till my brim…lol) I tried their moong dal halwa bursting with subtleness of cardamom, ghee, sugar and dry fruits, filling the roam with its aroma. Finally,to sum up this exiciting gastronomic promenade they brought a creamy and flavorsome homemade paan ice cream and believe me it was worth a try. A single scoop pushed around sudh desi Banarasi taste in my mouth which completed my meal.

To conclude it all, a good food is best savored if it is experienced through senses and fortunately the place provided me with that experience, it was bang on taste, with hint of flavors touching the just the right notes of the palate, its sweetness or tanginess never jarred my taste buds but every bite was a satiating occurrence which I now like to call a journey. Also, healthy snacking at roadside joints helped me in putting my skepticism at rest and I found a new affinity with roadside food leaving me wanting for more.


What is consuming more,

Is it love or life or vice versa?

My vacillating mind couldn’t conclude anymore.

Love makes me bleed  in red,

While  life beats it viciously to death.

Winded ,leaving dilapidated to canker more.

I say now no more…no more…

I refuse to give to you,

No more…no more…

I don’t cry for help anymore.


I see those cracks in the wall,

They are like sore skin ,parched without love.

Is it the augmented sin of the past?

Or  a hoary myth that survives in present .

Inexplicable  comes the voice

Devoid from the abstract notion 

I see  myself still attached to the cord of life


When you cut me, cut me deep till my bone,

You are not mother Teresa or Valentine,

Or some man on slippery road,

You are my fire,

A fire to lead me home,

I fly high on this uncanny road,

And take these wings and fly away,

So lead me to live ,

Or leave me to dead,

But cut me deep till you reach my bone.